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Tom Ellis Played Never Have I Ever at SDCC2018

Tom Ellis played Never Have I Ever with Young Hollywood on the Entertainment Comic Con Bash Carpet.

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Find out if he has ever fallen in love at first sight, if he ever ruined a surprise party, cried or flirted his way out of a ticket, or if he has had a paranormal experience.


Throwback Thursday – Tom Ellis ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 2014

Since it’s hot everywhere and I’m melting away I thought as a throwback Thursday it would be nice to have Tom’s Ice Bucket Challenge as some sort of refreshment…

The Ice Bucket Challenge was a campaign started to promote awareness of  amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and to  encourage donations for research. If you want to know more about ALS you can go here:


This video was originally posted on Tom’s Instagram account on august 19, 2014.

Tom Ellis Inspired Playlist #1

One of this things that first came to mind to do on this website is to start a Tom Ellis inspired playlist.


What I want to do is make 1 post a week with 1 song Tom either; mentioned somewhere that he likes or he sang (on lucifer/instagram/conventions/wherever) and add them to a Spotify playlist.

The playlist will be in the sidebar or you can follow it on Spotify HERE

I want to start of this playlist with Tracy Chapman’s “Talkin’ Bout A Revolution”

There are various clips and occasions where he either sang this or mentioned he listens to Tracy Chapman.



For the entire playlist-list click HERE

Tom Ellis at the TVGuide Magazine Fan Favorites Panel at SDCC2018

Tom was part of the TVguide Magazine Fan Favorites panel on the 31st of july.


A video of the panel can be found HERE

From @TheGeekiary

Tom Ellis is talking about how much the fan campaign to Save Lucifer made him smile. If they hadn’t been canceled, he might never have known how much people loved the show.

Tom Ellis talks about meeting Sigourney Weaver and how he told her how much he loved her and she said, “Yeah? That’s because you dont know me.”

Tom says that the only time he’s ever cried at a convention was at a London fan con where they showed a video of all the people all around the world who were trying to save

Tom says he would love to do a musical.

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