Tom Ellis will be starring in Queen America

A few weeks ago TVline posted the following rumoured scoop.

Anything about Lucifer? –Paola
Well, there of course is our Comic-Con video Q&A with the Devil himself, Tom Ellis; always worth a rewatch. But as for fresh scoop, I’ve learned that the Season 4 premiere on Netflix will introduce a priest who is fervently working a conspiracy theory about Lucifer Morningstar’s true identity AND his truly evil agenda. Bonus scoop: Facebook Watch isn’t confirming anything, but a well-placed source tells me that the aforementioned Mr. Ellis is set to (ahem) “woo” Catherine Zeta-Jones in the upcoming series Queen America, which was created by his fiancée Meaghan Oppenheimer.

But I think it’s now safe to say that Tom will play a part in Queen America since he just posted this on his instagram:

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 20.44.16.jpg

Queen America is a dark comedy set in Tulsa, Oklahoma, hometown of show creator and Tom’s fiancé Meagan Oppenheimer. Which will be airing on Facebook Watch.

Source: Tom Ellis


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