New Photoshoot Pictures of Tom Ellis for A Book Of


Here are some pictures Tom did for a photoshoot and interview in A Book Of.

You can order the issue of A Book Of with Tom HERE

How do I phrase this? It was really, really tough. It was like trying to juggle with one arm behind your back. I completely understood all the protocols that had to be put in place to keep people as safe as possible. However, having these very linear rules about how people can be with each other in a space that is supposed to be creative brings up lots and lots of difficulties and frustrations. Ultimately, I couldn’t believe that the crew more than anybody could handle it all. The actors, obviously, get some rest from the mask by taking it off to do scenes, but the crew would be in their mask all day, every day. They would have to go and take themselves somewhere else far from the set just to sip water. It was a very trying time. I was just so impressed with all of them and how they just did it without complaining, which was amazing, really.


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