New video Tom Ellis Instagram Q&A

Here are all the instastory clips in one video from the Q&A Tom did with Joe and Ildy over on the @LuciferNetflix Instagram account.

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  1. Michael Manley

    Tom, I love your work as Lucifer, I love this show in such different ways. It gives you hope when you are down, inspires you to do more for others, make you laugh, And make you think out of the box.

    But could you explain to your fans. That if we can have seasons upon seasons of our other beloved shows, ncis, supernatural, charmed, black list and more. Putting networks aside. What is the problem keeping a show running when you have the brightest binge watching ratings, and a huge loyal fan base .

    Is the problem money, lack of substance for the writers to come up with ideas, do the actor/actressess want to move on to some other projects. Could you please enlighten us with your angelic intuition?
    It seems that every series that I love gets cancelled. Especially if it is on fox. After cancellation of constantine series, I was going to quit watching fox but I decided to watch Lucifer and give them another shot. You see that did not work out. But this show was so relaxing and entertaining. Michael

    1. About Tom Ellis

      Hi Michael,

      I am not Tom, nor in contact with him. But Ildy Modrovich (one of the producers) posted the following explanation earlier this week.

      Hello beloved Lucifam! We know there’s been a lot of confusion over the recent announcement that his is our last season. Many are wondering if they should fight for more?? And while we feel just as sad as many of you do that this marvellous ride is coming to an end, a fight wont change things right now. But we spoke to our partners at Netflix and WarnerBros, and you should all know tremendous care and consideration was put into making this decision. In fact the whole reason they decided to announce that it was our fifth and final season simultaneously is because they know how devoted and passionate our fans (and we!) are and wanted to give y’all (and us!) as much time as they could to accept and process the news. And for that we’re incredibly grateful. But mostly, we’re all beyond grateful that they gave us this new life in the first place. and a chance to give this story the ending it deserves. And, of course… none of that would have ever happened if it weren’t for you. We can truly never thank you enough for that. This has been and will continue to be an incredibly beautiful and unique experience. So, on behalf of the cast and Joe and I…. We look forward to spending this final season basking in the Luci-love with you!!

      You can also read the tweet here:
      I hope this answered your question sufficiently.


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