New Interview of Tom Ellis with Collider

You can read the full interview HERE

You’ve said that it will be sad to say goodbye to this character and this show. What have you most enjoyed about playing this character and how hard will it be to say goodbye to him?

ELLIS: I’m getting emotional. I didn’t know I was going to cry. Give me a second. Hold on. I’ve just had an opportunity to do so many different things. All of the things that I excel at or that I think are my strong points have all happened in one character, and I’m just very aware that absolutely will never happen again, but I’m glad it did. I just really care about him.

I think the reason that I’m getting emotional is because we all care about the characters in this show. Everyone that’s been behind it has enjoyed it, and we enjoy other people enjoying it. I don’t want it to go on forever. I’m really, really happy with what we’ve done. Everything comes to an end, and I am really ready to move on and do other things, but I’ll be forever grateful.

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