This is an unofficial fansite about Tom Ellis founded in July 2018. This started after I made a Tom Ellis side blog on Tumblr, because Tumblr was lacking in Tom Ellis Blogs.

Later I discovered that most things online about Tom Ellis are Twitter accounts (after a semi quick search). I love twitter but I also love having a website with all updates and no searching through random tweets and actual updates.

AboutTomEllis is not affiliated with Tom Ellis.

There is no copyright infringement intended on this site. If you are the original owner of any media used and would like it removed, we will be happy to do so. Please contact us at abouttomellis@gmail.com

We do not post pictures of actors during their personal time off or gossip in any form. We firmly believe in every actor’s right to privacy.  So on this site we won’t post

Pap pics of Tom during his time off
Pics of Tom he’s unaware of they where being taken
Gossip in any form
Comments/opinion’s on his is personal life

if you spread hate on this site it won’t be tolerated.