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Tom Ellis on the Pilot TV Podcast

Tom joins the Pilot TV Podcast for their 100th episode! They talk about Lucifer, TV shows and Tom even brings out his guitar

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New Photoshoot Pictures and Interview of Tom Ellis from Da Man Magazine

Here are some new, some old but better quality pictures of the photoshoot Tom did for Da Man Magazine. Also a link to the interview he did with them.

You can read the entire article here

 Lucifer has been such a gift of a role. I don’t think I’ll ever get the opportunity to have so much variety within one character again. One day I’ll be doing something completely ridiculous and farcical and the next there will be a scene filled with honesty and tenderness. One day I’ll be shooting a complex fight scene and the next I’ll be singing at the piano. It’s kept me on my toes and constantly challenged me as a performer which, in the sixth season of a show, is a huge testament to our writers.

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New Photoshoot Pictures of Tom Ellis from Grumpy Magazine

Here are some new photoshoot pictures of Tom Ellis for Grumpy Magazine.

You can read part of the article here the full version will be in Grumpy Magazine’s NO.16

“There used to be a stage where there would be pilots and certain casting directors in London — you would put something on tape, and then hear nothing. For me, that was the first six years of pilot audition experience. Weirdly, I auditioned for one, went away on holiday, and when I got back, my agent said, ‘I’ve been trying to get a hold of you. They saw your tape in America and want to fly you out.’

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New Interview with Tom Ellis from The Guardian

Picture by Allegra Messina

Here’s a snippet from an interview Tom did with the Guardian.

“I’d planned to spend this season in my own grieving process,” he says. “And then, right towards the end, literally as we’d already devised how we would end our show, we had a call from Netflix saying: ‘Would you like to go another season?’”

You can read the entire article right HERE

New photoshoot pictures of Tom Ellis from Men’s Health

Here are some new pictures of Tom Ellis from Men’s Health. Accompanied with an article to read.

You can read the article here

“I had put on my ‘man Uggs,’ and I didn’t realize at the time, but I had put on a ‘her’ robe and not the ‘his’ robe from my room,” he says. “I hit the elevator door and George Clooney is in the elevator on his own. He looks up and has the coolest sunglasses, and in my head, I’m just thinking ‘it wasn’t meant to be like this.'”

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New Interview of Tom Ellis with Emmy Magazine

tom ellis emmy-mag2 extraTV

Tom is on the cover of the August issue of Emmy Magazine.

You can read some of the article here

 “It’s been a very full-on season for lots of reasons. I love the British expression ‘I was on my knees.’ I was looking forward to seeing my kids and that perfect tonic in my life. Then it stopped.”

Here’s also a short video of the interview