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New Interview of Tom Ellis on the Driven Celebrities Podcast

You can listen to the interview down below. It starts around 18:15

Tom Ellis on the I Hate Talking About Myself Podcast

Tom answered some questions on the I Hate Talking About Myself podcast. The podcast where the stars from Netflix series and films face off with the toughest interviewer of all: themselves.

You can Listen Here, it’s a short but sweet podcast.

After the jump you can watch some video’s or read the transcript.

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New/Old Pictures and Videos of Tom Ellis from the LipRoll Podcast

Here are some new/old videos and a pictures of Tom on the LipRoll Podcast. They are also releasing a new episode with Tom on the podcast on the 13th of December!

You can go here to see where you can listen to the podcast. Or here to watch the video of the first episode Tom joined in on.

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