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New Video of Tom Ellis Presenting at the Critics Choice Super Awards


On Sunday the 10th of January the Critics Choice Super Awards took place. Tom was there to present the winners of the “Best Actor/Actress in a Superhero/Comic Book Movie”

Here are some screencaps and the video.

Video after the jump!

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Lucifer Season 5 Part 1 Release Date Announced


Netflix announced the date on which Lucifer Season 5 part 1 will be released on Netflix.

The first 8 episodes of season 5 will be available on the 21st of August, this summer. Netflix made the announcement with the following video of Lucifer’s Sexiest Moments..

** Also don’t blink at the end to be sure not to mis a teensy tiny snippet of the new season.


**spoilerish screencaps after the jump for those who missed the last second. 

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Throwback Tom Screencaps of Tom Ellis – BTS Men’s Health Photoshoot


Since it’s a slow week and we can all use a pick me up it decided to post a new throwback post. Remember almost a year ago Tom did a photoshoot for Men’s Health? Well Kevin shot the BTS video of that photoshoot as posted here. Today is the day for the screencaps of that video.

It might take a few seconds to load this post due to the amount of pictures.

More pictures after the jump!

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