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Tom Ellis interview with Black Girl Nerds @SDCC2018

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Here’s an interview that Tom did during SDCC2018 with Black Girl Nerds


Tom Ellis at the TVGuide Magazine Fan Favorites Panel at SDCC2018

Tom was part of the TVguide Magazine Fan Favorites panel on the 31st of july.


A video of the panel can be found HERE

From @TheGeekiary

Tom Ellis is talking about how much the fan campaign to Save Lucifer made him smile. If they hadn’t been canceled, he might never have known how much people loved the show.

Tom Ellis talks about meeting Sigourney Weaver and how he told her how much he loved her and she said, “Yeah? That’s because you dont know me.”

Tom says that the only time he’s ever cried at a convention was at a London fan con where they showed a video of all the people all around the world who were trying to save

Tom says he would love to do a musical.

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Tom Ellis @ SDCC2018 EW’s Brave Warriors panel

During San Diego Comic Con on Friday the 20th of July Tom was part of the EW’s Brave Warriors panel.


As of now there’s no video of this panel. (at least not a complete video) but there are some snippets here and there which I will link to further down this post. Hopefully I can update this later with the full panel.

From EW.com

Rice began with a game, “Watch This, Answer for That,” in which the actors were shown embarrassing old photos of themselves. Things quickly went into R-rated territory when a shot of Ellis naked in a pawn shop flashed on the big screen and he told the audience, “That’s me playing with my joystick.” At another point, he delivered the phrase, “I think the local badminton team wants their shuttlecocks back.”

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